The Kardashians take gift giving to a new level!

The Kardashians take gift giving to a new level! 

Posted: 6:26 pm Wednesday, December 28th, 2016



The Kardashians just can’t do anything normal. Christmas gift giving is no exception. This year the gifts ranged from puppies to lip-kits to luxury cars to ponies. Kylie took to snapchat to document the exciting day.

Kendall got a rare white Italian greyhound! Jelly!! See the cutie here! 

Kylie got her boyfriend Tyga’s son, King, a pony for the day!

Grandma MJ got two cars!! She looks very happy in this clip. 

Two Thunderbirds, one for Kris Jenner and one for Grandma MJ! They are shiny! 

And the list goes on… check out even more gifts here!