Rihanna not happy about Drake & JLo!

Rihanna not happy about Drake & JLo! 

Posted: 3:27 pm Wednesday, December 28th, 2016



No one wants their Ex to move on before them. Especially if he moves on into the arms of the stunning Jennifer Lopez pretty quickly after you break up. Especially if JLo was one of your good friends!! It’s no shocker that Badgirl Riri is not happy. In fact, dedicated fans (with a lot of time on their hands) noticed that Rihanna has UNFOLLOWED JLo on Instagram! (Gasp!) Now that’s pretty official dislike.

if you’re like me, you still feel a little played by the Drake and Rihanna relationship… was it real? Why was it so hot during the time they toured together than completely ended after that? So many unanswered questions…

Could it be that Drake is playing us once again with pictures that appear to make him and JLo look like a copy but in reality it’s just good PR for their new music project together? Who knows. But I won’t be so naïve this time!

Rihanna even sent shoes to her (former) friend JLO, here’s the scoop on that sitch from Vanity Fair. Here’s a link to that Instagram pic they BOTH posted.